Here are some screenshots of this game I used to play that got cancelled off the face of the planet. I'll update the rest of the site some time later. Maybe.

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Fake MarlboroBoy and me fighting a Qutace (Boss of MD 7-x)

Me, MagiTyrael, some other wind guys and a level 40+ Amas

Dead dudes from heal hackers; Nurse up un corner but wasn't her that killed us

Kashield and Ninjeti playing a little trick on me with L and i

Gangsters killing everybody after 2.20 patch

Globe helping Ginji get Water Ball

Kolina heal hacked us bad...Loggins (white name) up top

Going to get Spin Bomb but saw a bug (that's a pun); cost me 300k gold

More warring. Good friend Calviny quit shortly after 3.00

+1 intelligence jewelry set; walking on water in mine dungeons

Ezekiel Midouban in War's Aftermath shop

After Wesker warred God they all got together for a pic

I killed 3 taurites running to 7-1 that trip

Darune allying Ezekiel with AOA

Stupid Summalang (bugged) in water

Even 10 Ballanourse couldn't kill me in patch 3.06

Boolean threatening WilliamShao

Darune in black suit warring people

Tried to heal him but he died

Bug from massive lag. My character is off center

Ahh! People killin' each other!

Typhoon wants a lime scroll for his newb

Daily stroll through warfields of Res Center

Sota, TyphoonLight, Me, Ginx and some other people

1 Million xp to next level! Oh yeah...

File swapping trick to see the summon monsters

Vigo gets Married with Turi

Busting up turtles in Miro's Forest going to Bisher's Local

This lagged so much it wasn't even funny

Healing makes sparklies...

Line of air and line of fire

Above line charging up

Marlboroman, not to be confused with MarlboroBoy

Me vs. Bighorn

Couldn't kill it so got Wesker to help

I got level 60. Panucci there to see it

People killing each other

People killing each other in Wang Pang

Boolean killed me then my screen went weird

Me as Wesker helping to piss off Laurie

MarlboroBoy ready to fight -God-

MoS vs. -God- round one (I borrowed thangx for the day)

Why were people killing Momos in the war?

NycSe is dead

RocXue and I are superheroes!

NewSonic laying the smack down in xAcEx

Suck plasma mutant froggie!

Me vs. Balrog...lightning hurts...

Me, MarlboroBoy, Wesker in 3rd cov mod

Me, Skyangel and TyphoonLight vs. Bighorn and co.

Bah was a popular expression in ES

You are not yet ready to enter. Level 51 at level 60 entrance

My quest to find out who was really a girl continues

End of fight with -[team onE]-

Indestructible NPCs (tell that to heal hackers)

Just one hit and she's dead

Piro and Marl dead

Me in MD 9-3. Frozen air dude

Pirotessa killed me...

It's a rainbow...almost

Lost going for Balrog

Stupid Viper...

I'm level 1 again! (Micheal server)

I found my way eventually

Air dudes blocking the shop. Wand Pang on strike!

Stupid Orc Master...

Just a day out in the farms

I want in to the 3rd EB house...


It's Solinari!

Me smushing a Draken's face

Fusion time

Special Waterfall tour led by Jigsaw

Walking on water

Starmaze Project???

Ballanourse in the wall

Outer Space (don't mind spelling error)

Helping to level Darune

Newsonic's a smurf

5 Ballanourse enough to kill me in 3.01

Tess threatened to kill me unless I went back blue

Ballanourse invading Res!! Ahhh!!! The newbies are screwed!!!

Linlin got level 70 and 3rd cov

People finally coming to see


Die summalang!

ES goes to hell part 1

We came to the conclusion ES ending was all Tracy's fault

Galf over reacts to the news

Crazy Sonic training for 3rd cov in last few days

Everyone's third cov! Even KellyChan!

Linlin in first cov when everyone else in 3rd hehe

NewSonic finally gets 3rd cov. Congrats!

Top part of my journal; last time I log onto ES

Bottom part of journal, Claim bounty 1 time, Kill Balrog 9 times